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Tomsk, Russia
Registration: 28 may 2018
Rating: 0.2
Place in rating: 16328
Number of phone: not confirmed
Last visit: 7 sep at 08:53
Time online: 57min
Basic information
City of residence: Томск, Россия
About myself
Interests: Интерес у меня здесь к симпатичным, сексуальным девчатам из томска
Attitude to smoking: Positive
Attitude to alcohol: Positive
Orientation: Hetero
Purpose of dating: Sex in real life
Growth: 182
Weight: 65
Eye color: Зелёный
Hair color: Тёмные
Hair length: Medium
Body type: Thin slim
Character: Спокоен и ласков!
On the body there is: Tattoos
About the desired partner: Жду тебя! Если ты готова полностью отдатся наслаждению. Поверь кайфанешь точно!
Sexual activity
Assess your sexual activity: Closer to high
Maximum number of partners during sex: Several
Have you ever had sex in public places: Yes
What kinds of sex do you practice most often: Секс всегда ново постижим...!
What kind of sexual skill do you expect from a partner: Только отдатся наслаждения!
Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies: Две девушки сексуальных одновременно!
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