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Kiev, Ukraine
Registration: 30 june 2018
Rating: 2.8
Place in rating: 1165
Number of phone: not confirmed
Last visit: at 02:32
Time online: 15h, 08min
Basic information
City of residence: Киев, Украина
Sexual activity
Assess your sexual activity: High
Maximum number of partners during sex: One
Did you make erotic photos, videos: Yes, only photo
You like to say dirty words during sex: No
Have you ever had sex in public places: No
What kinds of sex do you practice most often: оральным, и петингом
Sexual preferences
Attitude to virtual sex: Positive
Attitude to oral sex: Positive
Attitude to anal sex: Neutral
Attitude to the use of sex toys: Neutral
Attitude to the use of food in sex: Positive
Attitude to role-playing sex games: Negative
Attitude to BDSM: Negative
Attitude to the exchange of partners: Negative
Attitudes to sex in public places: Negative
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